Board of Director



Y.B Mohd Nor is a politician from Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS), he is born at 18 February 1972 at Bukit Payung, Terengganu. His academic qualification is Diploma Syariah, in Kolej Agama Sultan Zainal Abidin (KUSZA) from 1990 to 1992, and bachelor’s degree in Syariah Wal Qanun, at Universiti Al-Azhar from 1993 to 1995. He then pursues study in Diploma Postgraduate, Zamalek, Mesir from 1996 to 1999. Currently, he’s one of the exco in Terengganu as a Chairman of the state’s Human Development, Preaching and Information Committee. He is also one of the state representatives for Bukit Payung. His experience in academical field was as a Deputy Director at Kolej Universiti Darul Quran Islamiyah (KUDQI) from 2004 until 2008. Previously, he holds position in political arena as Ketua Pemuda PAS Terengganu in 2007 until 2008, and from 2009 until 2011 as Exco Dewan Pemuda PAS Terengganu, from 2008 until now as Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Bukit Payung), from 2011 until now as Ketua Penerangan PAS Terengganu. Lastly, from 2011 until now as a Timbalan Yang Dipertua PAS Marang.



Y.B Muhammad Khalil is a politician from Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS), he was born in 20 March 1977 at Marang, Terengganu. He has academic qualifications in master’s degree at Porthsmouth University, United Kingdom in 2002 until 2003 in Islamic Studies and bachelor’s degree Shariah Candidate, Al Iman University, Yemen in 1997 – 2001 for Islamic and Shariah Studies. He is now one of state representatives for Batu Buruk. His experience in education was a lecturer in Kolej Darul Quran Islamiyyah from 2006 until 2018. And he also holds position as one of Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Terengganu in 2018 until now.



Y. BHG. Dato’ Haji Mazlan Bin Ngah is working with the State Civil Service. He was born in 19 August 1954 at Dungun, Terengganu. His academic qualification is Bachelor of Economics (Statistic) from 1977 and Master of Business Administration at College of Cardiff, University of Wales, United Kingdom. Before retiring from the State Civil Service in January 2015, he was the Terengganu State Secretary (16 January 2010, 31 December 2014). He also held several positions in the State Government including State Financial Officer, Director of State Economic Planning Unit, President of Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council and Chief Assistant District Officer of Hulu Terengganu. Currently he’s a pensioner. However, he was appointed as Director for Terengganu State Link companies namely Terengganu Strategic & Integrity Institute and Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital Sdn. Bhd.