Terengganu Strategic & Integrity Institute

Terengganu Integrity & Strategic Studies Institute (T-ISSI) now as known as Terengganu Strategic & Integrity Institute (TSIS) is a government link company under the Terengganu State Government. TSIS is a corporate body that incorporates of two previous agencies; Institut Integriti Negeri Terengganu (IINT) and Terengganu Development Institute (TDI).

TSIS has been in operations since 1 January 2011 and has been incorporated on 20 February 2011 under the Companies Act 1965. Previously, TSIS operated at Kem Telaga Batin, Seberang Takir, near Sultan Mahmud Airport.

TSIS was formerly known as T-ISSI and was rebranded in 2014. The current location of TSIS office is located at Jalan Kemajuan, next to Cosmopoint. The outcome of TSIS renewal process has established it to become an integrous think tank that assists and supports the Terengganu State Government with transparency and realibility.

TSIS Objectives

Premier Think Tank

TSIS aim to be a premier think tank in planning, researching and proposing policies that are efficient for the betterment of Terengganu.


TSIS wants to act as an intermediary that brings together various government agencies, private and community institutions to accomplish strategic programs to help spur growth and generate prosperity for the state.

TSIS Mission / Vision


TSIS wants to generate opinions and effective alternative through research, knowledge and high impact leadership activities to create an integrous culture among administrators and communities of Terengganu.


TSIS aims to become an institution that is a catalyst for integrity and an international think tank that can apply values and give opinions as an effective alternative for the Government and the people of Terengganu in various aspects of development.

A Word From CEO

Dear visitors,

Welcome to our website. We are extremely proud of what we have built here at TSIS and we will continue striving to build more for the future.

Over the years, we are committed to doing our job well and to ensure that TSIS is on the right track. Our accomplishments would not be possible without the efforts of our team members, who are hands down the hardest working, most talented and results-driven team yet. One of the core principles that underscores TSIS is the culture of our commitment to give back and that we all enjoy the work that we do. We genuinely want to make sure that our team members feel a sense of appreciation for their hard work and contributions.

Along these lines, we have in place a multitude of unique benefits to ensure our team members are distinct and are able to be the best among the best for the betterment of the Terengganu state government as well as the people of Terengganu.

We will continue on working hard to achieve Terengganu Maju, Berkat, Sejahtera.


Dr. Haji Wan Mat bin Sulaiman