Research & Development Department

  1. Work to make TSIS as a think tank that provide new ideas, proposing additional suggestion and give internal critics that can help in government’s development, based on research and facts.
  2. Suggests events and programs that have strategic values and impactful for the government, the citizen and also to the Terengganu’s state, aside from the Chief Minister’s office and the executive council.
  3. Provide a synergy between department and agency that related to governments, by working as a committee in exercising government’s programs that have strategic and impactful values, but doesn’t include ourselves as specific departments.
  4. Help in gaining facts and provide the answers for all questions that being asked by the committee members in the DUN’s trial to the Chief Minister’s office, either it is scoped or general.
  5. Prepare and produce research papers that were needed by the Government, based on demands.
  6. Stand as a member in a special committee that was formed by the Chief Minister or Secretarial Board of the state, in completing special programs that is ad-hoc, or urgent.
  7. Encouraging a culture that help in forming policies based on information, based on research, true theories and facts, holding a seminar, publishing and others.

National & International Political Research Department

  1. Work as a centre of communicational research and national politics.
  2. A medium to assemble academic personal, professional and technocrats Terengganu that stays outside of Terengganu.
  3. As a workplace for the researchers that works for the parliament members.
  4. Gives technical supports and advices from informational and factful mediums’ perspectives to the parliament members and committees that resides in Klang Valley.
  5. As a representative for the state government if any programs by the government is being conducted in Klang Valley and Putrajaya.
  6. Helps in spreading promotions from the state government, specifically for Klang Valley and whole country.
  7. Prepare spaces and facilities for the parliament members and DUN members while working in Lembah Klang.
  8. Be a platform to nourish the intellectual and academical thinking in various social issues.

Community Studies Department

  1. Execute researches which study the socio-economy of Terengganu’s citizen (studying the relationship between economical activities and social life of the citizen).
  2. Conducting field-researches which related to the socio-politics of the Terengganu’s citizen (relationships of the political problems in the citizen: social structure & political structure / social behaviour & political behaviour).
  3. Doing researches related to the base-impact & effectiveness of the State Government’s programs for the citizen of Terengganu. (Example: PITAS & PAS Manifesto)
  4. Conducting researches for the institutes of the citizen and the administration of community. (Example: i-MITS, MPKK and others)
  5. Helping TSIS in producing research reports.
  6. Help in executing TSIS’s research projects that were given from time to time.

Corporate Management Department

  1. Responsible in managing administrational business in every department.
  2. Responsible in handling documents and letters for every department.
  3. Keeping record system for file in line.
  4. Record and keep the copies of important documents for every departments.
  5. Keeping delivery and receiving process for the documents in line, for every departments.
  6. Responsible in handling board of directors’ meetings, etiquette meetings, management meeting and administration meeting.
  7. Planning the human resources and organisation development as managing the intakes of the new staffs, restructuring organisation, changing of the staffs, provide training and courses for the staffs.
  8. Keeping the execution of committee meeting in line and managing ‘usrah mingguan’.
  9. Keeping cleanliness and securities of the office in check.
  10. Responsible to monitor and updating the company’s website.
  11. Play role in developing and supplying the inventories for the company’s programs and the departments’ management.
  12. Works as committee in every company’s programs and courses.